Leszek WaniekWelcome,

The goal of my therapeutic work is to help your body recover as well as guide you on your journey to good health.

As a Chinese Medicine therapist and a certified reflexologist, I offer a wide range of services to help you recover. Depending on the needs and expectations of my patients I choose and combine therapeutic methods to fit your needs best in order to bring maximum benefits.

I offer acupuncture, reflexology foot massage (foot acupressure), reflexology head and face massage, Chinese massage called TuiNa. I also recommend diet that fits the patient’s needs best as well as lifestyle changes.

Acupuncture and reflexology massage are perfect anti-stress therapies. They also help such problems as:

  • back pains, headaches, knee pains
  • male infertility and disturbances of male potency
  • women’s health and reproductive system issues (including supporting fertility)
  • treatments supporting in vitro procedures

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Wishing you peace and good health,


Leszek Waniek


Telephone:     +48 795 05 05 25
Mail:                leszek@waniek.pl